You are invited to visit our Talking Turkey Stained Glass Studios. 

Our  gallery features hundreds of stained glass windows, hand stained glass,  fused glass, and a collection to suit anyone's taste.

Our  workshop offers demonstrations in cutting stained glass and assembly by using old world methods. This assures that the end piece is well made and of heritage quality.

We encourage you to have a  hands-on experience and learn to build a truly handcrafted piece which will become an heirloom in years to come.


Stained Glass Classes

Grandma’s Candy Dish Window Class


Candy  dish  widow   is 12” X  12”.  Use your inherited  dishware    as  the  focal  point as  a reminder  of  the  wonderful  days   visiting grandma’s!  Four  hour  class  costs  $125.  inclusive.

Watercolor Pallet Window Class


Pallet  class  was  designed  to provide  an  overview  of the  stained glass  process  during a four hour  session.   Pattern  ,  glass  cutting,  assembly,   soldering, and finishing.  You  determine  date of class.   Cost  $95.  inclusive.  

Jewelry Box Class


Small  boxes  are a wonderful  storage  place.   The  box  is  3” square  X    3”  tall.  Jewels,  geodes,  etc.  may  

be used  to  decorate  the  box  top.  Four  hour  class  costs  $95.  inclusive  of  materials,  instruction,  tool loan  and hot  tea.  

Class Mission Style Table Lamp


Mission  style  table  lamp  shade  is 9” square X  7” tall.   Design  your  own  pattern,  cut the  glass  assemble  the  shade.  Instruction,  tool  loan,  materials, lamp  base  included  for $200.  Six hour Session.  

Featuring Stained Glass By Wissmach & Youghiogheny


Wissmach    Glass  is  a fine  cutting  glass with  excellent  coloration.,  pricing starts  at  $7.50  per square  foot.  

Youghiogheny  Glass  replicates  the  Tiffany  Studio  art  glasses, pricing  starts  at  $21.  per square  foot.  

Special Classes & Open Workshop


Classes for  Tiffany style  Lamps,  leaded  glass  windows,  fusing,  etc.  are  offered   upon  request.  Build your  skills   on special  projects.   Instruction time   $25.  per  hour.  Work table  space   $15. per  hour.  

Stained Glass Supplies Sold Here


Highest  quality  tools  &  supplies  are in stock.  Distributor  of  GST bevel  sets, Cascade  metals,  Novacan patina,  etc.  Prioity  US  Mail  shipping.  

Custom Stained Glass

French Country Pantry Door


Custom pantry door was designed French Country theme coordinating cabinetry. door is 27" x 67"

Arch Transom


Given the base dimension & radius and a concept a drawing is completed and sent for approval. Then the glass is cut, laid onto the pattern for approval. Suggested changes desired are incorporated. 

Iris Floral Transom 42" X 16"


Iris transom was deigned to bring summer irises into the home. 

Bathroom Windows Victorian Rose 34" square


 Victorian Rose window was designed to provide privacy in a bedroom. Clear textured glasses block view, but permits maximum light inside. 

Traditional Window Bevel Designs


Traditional bevel accent door panel 27" x 67" deign provides maximum sparkle highlighting the homes entrance. 

Custom Ceiling Light Box & Drop -in light glass Panels


Custom kitchen ceiling light box is 32" x 32" using local popular with oak dowels. the stained glass adds bright kitchen lighting and color accents. 

Stained Glass Custom Designs

Powder Room Oval Window 24" x 38"


Oval design utilizes multiple bevel sets to for the border and the center focal design. The overall design matches the wooden mullions in the exterior glass / wood window. 

Steam Locomotive 24" x 18"


 This window was detailed using hand painted metallic oxides and frit by Martha. The various sizes of frit make the railroad bed, coal car, and smoke three dimensional. 

Child Playing On The Beach Door Panel or Accent Window

Child's Play on the Beach

Nude Child Playing on the Beach has been made into a half door stained glass panel 27" x 37", as well as smaller accent panel as pictured. 

Roosters 18" x 14"


Roosters are hand painted using metallic oxides then kiln fired to make permanent. Your favorite rooster may decorate your kitchen, just supply a photograph. 

Cardinal Birds 18" x 24"


The oval bird glass has been hand painted by Martha using metallic oxides then kiln fired. The window features hand made art glasses from around the U.S. 

Round Stained Glass 36" Dia.


Round windows make excellent accents in the home. Mountain scenes or geometric designs may be developed. 

Accent Window 12" x 16"


Fleur de Lis shapes identify a specific French king.  Stained glass accent windows may be designed with any concept & dimension.